International Student Jobs, Employment Outcomes and Resources

GradConnection Campus provides a suite of products to better connect global
students to global employers

GradConnection provides a suite of resources directly for your careers office to help your international students regardless
of their visa status. Let us connect your international students to employers all year round and connect you and your
team up to employers so you can build your own relationships for lasting employability outcomes

Job Feeds & Portals

Jobs for your international students all year round.

Thousands of jobs from reputable companies just for your international students all year round provided by GradConnection’s global employer teams. From day one you’ll have access to employers hiring multiple nationalities of students.

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International Employability Summits

Summits on the ground in some of the largest origins of international students enabling your university to learn about the markets and meet employers directly to build relationships that help your international cohort.

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International Student Employer Survey

A free resource for universities that collates what employers of international students are looking for when targeting a university to hire from.

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International Student Employer Survey
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Who is GradConnection?

GradConnection was founded on a core idea: to make connecting graduates and employers easier. Now, a decade later we continue to deliver on that idea globally.

GradConnection works to remove borders by partnering with institutions across the globe to connect international students with employers in their home country. The GradConnection Campus jobs platform allows universities to provide a dedicated resource, abundant with jobs all year round just to international students who are sometimes harder to help.

More and more students are returning home after studies overseas, often to find it difficult to find relevant employment through their university. GradConnection Campus is a service designed to make this easier.

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