International Student Job Feeds and Job Board Software

Make sure your international students are connected to employers all year round

  • A feed of thousands of entry level jobs specifically for your international students
  • Build industry connections with organizations who hire international students.
  • Our international employer on-boarding teams on the ground in multiple countries are adding employers for your students all year round.
  • On demand reporting for student employment outcomes, from total applications to where your students are applying and successfully getting jobs.
  • Use a Turn-Key, modern, white labelled platform that integrates into your career site for a seamless experience, dedicated just for international students.

How it works

Integrate thousands of jobs for international students

Integrate the job feeds into your careers service, directly to your students.

Target Students

Employers target students by their nationalities, work rights and study disciplines

Students discover employers

Students discover employers and can access jobs with their university accounts

Generate employability reports

Generate reports for any stakeholders about the activity and outcomes of your international students

Number of Employers by Country

Partner Employers

International Student Employers

The amount of international opportunities predominantly for international students is staggering with a large amount of employers wanting to target all of your international students, however they face many challenges to do so:

USA Campus

United States of America

  • 2000+ Universities
  • 975 000 International Students
  • International Student Ratio - 15%
UK Campus

United Kingdom

  • 150+ Universities
  • 312 000 International Students
  • International Student Ratio - 22%
AU Campus


  • 40+ Universities
  • 348 000 International Students
  • International Student Ratio - 32%

The GradConnection job feeds are an attractive proposition to employers to cover multiple universities in a single go as well as being able to cater to the specific needs of returnee recruitment.

86% of all employers said they would target a university for international students if they had more information, and that is something we can help with.

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